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Real Cowhides Don't Come Cheap

Vegetable-tanned cowhides are more expensive than the chemically tanned, mainstream hides you typically see online.


There's a reason why.


A cowhide created using the 8,000 year old vegetable-tanning process takes up to 60 times longer to produce than chemically tanned hides.

Because vegetable-tanning is so labor and production expensive, only a handful of facilities worldwide still produce hides using this process.

Those still producing vegetable-tanned cowhides are dedicated artisans and craftspeople carrying on a tradition dating back thousands of years.

They carry on their tradition because the end product is exceptional and of the highest quality. In a world dedicated to producing items as fast as possible for the least amount of money, these artisans stand firm in their convictions to maintain the vegetable-tanning process.


Less than 1% of the hair-on cowhides sold in America are vegetable-tanned. 


We work with these soft, luxuriant, and glowing cowhides every day and we're still amazed at their quality and feel.

You will be amazed too!

Our Luxurious, Gold-Standard Cowhides are Worth Paying Three Times More.
Here's Why:

Superior sheen and softness – Vegetable-tanned hides have a deep sheen and a signature, supple softness.

Pleasant, aromatic smell – Hides that have been vegetable-tanned have the clean leather scent we love, while the smell of chemically tanned hides may be unpleasant.

The edges of vegetable-tanned hides won't curl up like chemical hides – Within a few months of purchase, the edges of most chemically tanned hides will start to curl up.

Hides won't lose their hair – vegetable-tanned hides hold on to their hair, while the chemically tanned hides have a tendency to start losing their hair within a year or less.

Long-lasting - Forty years of use as a rug and even longer as a throw or a covering. Vegetable-tanned hides are heirloom pieces lasting generations. Chemically processed hides start quickly decaying and can start looking haggard and worn within a few years.

Hypoallergenic – Hair on hides won’t retain dust and pollen as synthetic rugs and throws do.

Easy maintenance – stain and slip-resistant - The hides naturally repel liquids with just a quick wipe. They’re also non-slip on any floor.

Ecofriendly tanning process used for thousands of years –  Our vegetable-tanned hides use a natural process dating back thousands of years. It’s extremely time-consuming, but the end product is superior to all other methods, and doesn't harm the planet.

The vegetable tanning process uses plant extracts, no harsh chemicals – Vegetable tanning uses the bark of specific trees as the tannins for the tanning process. What happens to the tannins after the hide is tanned? It can be used as fertilizer! Safe for the planet, and safe for you too.

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