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  Cleaning Tips for Cowhide Rugs
and Throws

Our cowhides will last for generations used as a rug, throw, or wall decoration with a minimum of maintenance. 


For general cleaning:


Shake the hide outside, or use a carpet sweeper. You can also use a vacuum on a low setting. Be sure to follow the grain of the hide's hair.


For spills that can stain (wine, chocolate, ketchup, mustard, kool-aid, etc.):


Vegetable-tanned cowhides repel liquids, so you can typically just wipe off a spill.


To wipe off a spill, immediately wipe with lukewarm water using a sponge or cloth. For stubborn spills, a soft brush may also be used.


If the spill has been sitting for a few minutes, mix lukewarm water with a tiny amount of natural (non-chemical, dish or laundry) detergent. Apply this light soap water, and continue rinsing the hide until the spill is completely cleared from the hide. 


For animal or children accidents (urine, defecation, vomit):


Take the hide outside and rinse it with a hose. As we discussed above, if you have a stubborn stain, use lukewarm water and light soap to brush or wipe the hide; then rinse and hang over a rounded surface to dry.


This process can also be done in a shower. Avoid soaking the hide. It should not be kept in water for several minutes as this could affect the tanning process. 


When finished, you can hang it up or lay the hide over something in the house to dry, but not against sharp edges to avoid the hide taking on the shape of the edges. It doesn't take long for a hide to dry if it hasn't been overly soaked.


Maintenance every one to two years:


To keep your cowhide in pristine condition for generations, the maintenance routine is the same as cleaning instructions for animal or children accidents. 


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