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Discover Real Cowhide Rugs and Throws

We all may be created equal, but cowhides are not!

Over 99% of the cowhides sold today are tanned using harsh, toxic chemicals.


More than just the environmental hit to the planet, chemically tanned hides don’t have the luxurious sheen, feel, and longevity of Howdy Hide's vegetable-tanned hides.


Our vegetable-tanned cowhides cost more, and they're worth it!


The benefits of vegetable-tanned cowhides include:


  • Superior sheen and softness

  • A pleasant, aromatic smell

  • The edges of the hides won't curl up like chemically tanned hides

  • Hides won't lose their hair

  • Long-lasting - Forty years or longer of use

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Easy Maintenance – stain and slip-resistant

  • Environmentally safe, artesian tanning process used for thousands of years

Vegetable-Tanned Hair-on Cowhides .jpg

It's not only the Quality of our Hair-on Cowhides

We are committed to your complete satisfaction. We're on point with orders and requests, and have a 30-Day, 100% Guarantee you'll love our hides. 

"Marie with Howdy Hides was very helpful with helping me pick out just the right products to accent my home. Quality products, great pricing, and customer service. Thx, Howdy Hides." David M.

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